Become a volunteer

We need responsive and kind people who are ready to become friends with us for family and children.

Our team is looking for volunteers

If you have always wanted to make a contribution to the development of society, ready to take responsibility, help others, but have no idea how to do it competently and professionally, then you are right for us!

We believe that volunteering should inspire, not force, to act solely on emotions of pity, becoming a burden of responsibility! Even if you have limited financial resources, your contribution can be more valuable than any material value. By giving people your talent and time, you will inspire them to a new life and the first steps to make their dreams come true.

What can a volunteer do in our project?

Together with you, we will select the type of assistance that will be comfortable for you, because our families in the project are elderly people with minor children who have many needs, aspirations and hopes. Even communicating with guardians, you can give them a sense of need and enrich their day with good emotions, and giving the child the opportunity to try yourself in some activity — to feel confident in their own abilities.


By cooperating with us, you will be able not only to do good deeds, but also to pass on the warmth of your heart and soul


Maybe this will be a useful and invaluable life experience for you. You will be pleased to see the fruits of your labor


Every professional deserves a decent pay. But there are people who can afford the services of a professional


psychologists, teachers, rehabilitologists, speech pathologists, doctors, lawyers, just caring people who are ready to help the families that our fund cares about


Succeeding in business, career, personal vocation, some people want to share this success


With resources, knowledge, experience, material and moral resources, you can impact the lives of those who really need it and appreciate this contribution


Join a team of people who make an impact on life

    • You can help the family tidy up the house, glue wallpaper or wash the curtains;
    • Repair broken items or invite a repairman to repair plumbing, furniture, etc.;
    • Go to the pharmacy when your grandmother is sick and bring the necessary medication;
    • Help a child with homework or safely lead to the section;
    • Maybe you can find for a child first bike or teach him to rollerblade, giving incredible emotions;
    • Or help your grandmother choose a new gadget and teach how to use it;
    • You have the opportunity to become a good friend of the family by calling and supporting the guardian and children;
    • Having a car, you can take your grandparents to the doctor or on affairs;
    • It will be important to visit the patient in the hospital;
    • If you are a creative person, you can inspire with your creativity by organizing master classes for guardians or children;
    • If you are a person who can negotiate with everyone and connect with the right people or structures, we need you.

    We cooperate with various specialists: psychologists, teachers, rehabilitation specialists, speech pathologists, doctors, lawyers, people who are simply not indifferent to the fate of children. If you have «special» knowledge, skills, we are always happy for your participation.

    Make volunteering your hobby, share your experience.

    Working with us, you can not only do good deeds, but also spend your time enthusiastically. It may be a useful and invaluable life experience for you. You will definitely enjoy seeing the fruits of your labor.

    Don’t expect better times or ideal opportunities by setting certain limits. Any help is important, so you can do what you can and want right now!

    Remember, by volunteering, you are helping not only the people, but society as a whole and yourself!

    We are waiting for you!

    Change the country with us!

    Charitable Foundation «Grow up in the family» is a non-state non-profit foundation that unites individuals and legal entities to carry out charity work for the whole society as well as particular persons in need. The Foundation contributes to social, spiritual, moral well-being, all-round healthy development of children and adults