Project «Family Support»

Our efforts are aimed at supporting retirees who raise their own minor children

Why are we doing this?

Given the economic situation and social benefits for the elderly, guardians spend most of their income on basic needs and the needs of children. Nutrition today is a major item of expenditure that requires consistency and cannot be ignored or meet the needs of minor children. This is what sometimes makes you sacrifice other important things, such as new clothes, household items, furniture, appliances, developmental activities, and so on. The lack of basic things does not allow to move on, to strive for something more meaningful or sometimes leads guardians to a difficult psychological state, which to some extent is transmitted to children.

Therefore, our priority is to provide families with the necessary food kits, which are usually enough for a month so that the family can eat properly and pay attention to other important things. The cost of monthly food aid is from UAH 1,000. in the presence of one child, and increases by UAH 500. with each subsequent one.

Children who receive monthly assistance
kilograms of food were given to families
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  • There are very few organizations in Ukraine that would cover the needs of this category. People are faced with problems that sometimes they cannot overcome on their own.

  • Caregivers need support to prevent burnout, physical and emotional exhaustion, and health support.

  • People of retirement age are not always oriented to the needs of the modern world regarding the development and upbringing of children (talent support, development programs, clubs).

  • Grandparents are not always legally savvy to defend their rights and the rights of the child (require support from various institutions, structures).

  • Guardians need assistance in avoiding burnouts, physical and emotional exhaustion and having their health preserved

  • Some grandparents do not receive financial assistance from the state for children for one reason or another, respectively, are not able to provide children with everything they need.

  • All children under the care of grandparents have a traumatic past and many need the help of a specialist to get out of a severe state of apathy, accepting the loss, and others.

  • It is difficult for people of retirement age to physically cope with their responsibilities to children.

  • Adolescents are often left unanswered by questions that interest them.

We are happy to see the results of our assistance

Where the Fund already works:

  • Kyiv 159 families / 211 children

  • Kyiv region — 182 families / 274 children

  • Zhytomyr region — 296 families / 469 children

  • Sumy region — 178 families / 238 children

  • Poltava region — 69 families / 116 children


Your choice can now affect your life and the life of a person in difficult circumstances.
By changing one life, we change the world!

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